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The Full Story

Set up by Frank Nolan YellowDog Golf Technologies was founded in Ireland in 2017 to develop an idea that would provide a true golf game improvement training aid .

When it comes to putting, it's important to practice but it is even more important to practice correctly. With this in mind  The YellowDog GLIDE STROKE was developed to insure the golfer could replicate and repeat at will, a pure, efficient and smooth putting stroke comparable to that of the worlds best putters.

Data retrieved from the world famous SAM PUTTING LAB SYSTEM was analysed and correlated to arrive at the most efficient motion required to become a consistent and proficient putter.

 The YellowDog Glide Stroke has built within it the blue print and road map to attain a serious and competitive putting stroke with the minimum of effort and time. It will truly help you to understand the correct method,sequencing and motion to bring your game to the next level.

At YellowDog we believe we have produced the best golf putting training aid available on the market at a cost effective price. 

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